Arts Against Extraditions

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'Extradite Me, I'm British (Triptych)' 2013 by Mary Yacoob

'Interchange' 2012 by Matt Reynolds

'Wet Boot' 2013 by Sabatin Bascoban

'Extrade Me Imbrish' 2013 by Iasonas Kampanis

'Extradite Me, I'm British' 2012 by Adam Hyde

'Extradite Me, I'm British' with music (listen here) 2012 by Sonia Paço-Rocchia

'Extradition Games' 2012 by Maraz Ahmed Talukder

'My passport is Red! Extradite me!' 2012 by Amanda Agyei, featuring Amanda Agyei and Ben Jenner.

'We don't need proof. We have power.' 2012 by Hello Dust

by Sophie Lewis

'Thinking' 2012 by Diana Radi

'Extradite us we're British' 2012 by Anwyl Cooper-Willis

'Lady, this is not my cup of tea' 2012 by Sara Davidson

'Untitled' 2012 by Riccardo Attanasio

'Dickens in 2012: Note to Parliament' by Pippa Koszerek
(“Extradite Me, I’m British” in the 1884 Gurney System of Shorthand that Dickens and Parliamentary reporters used)

'Ethnographic postcard series (8)' 2009 by Lisa Temple-Cox
(One of a series of mixed-media postcards exploring the artist’s position as a mixed-race, third culture Briton, combining text and images of family, Malaysia and Essex)

'No place like home' 2012 by Natascha Sturny

No title, Anon

'Our Land: Hair on Grass' 2010 by Jill Eastland. A photograph of common land grass with a photogram of a lock of hair.

'Torn In Two' 2012 by Deborah Pullen

by Sofia

'Swan Song'  2012 (Pastel/Digital Image) by Pam Bassington

'Troopers' 2012 by Fiona Long

'Camp Terror' 2012 by Maraz Ahmed Talukder

'Supermax Sam' 2012 by Naveed Memon

'Extradite One' 2012 by Marco Cali

'Pattern series' 2007 by Justine Blau

'Patriot Pug' 2012 by Bobby Dazzler

'Extradite Me, I'm British' 2012 by Arts Against Extraditions